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Thousands of Trees Saved in Dallas Levee Project


    Federal officials want hundreds of trees removed along the Trinity River, but the Army Corps of Engineers has saved thousands of them.

    Thousands of trees will remain as part of the Trinity River levee project that eventually could lead to a sprawling park in the Dallas area.

    A decision by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has spared nearly 4,000 trees.

    The corps last year decided the levees were unacceptable for basic flood protection and told Dallas to remove all trees within 50 feet of the toe of the levees. City officials argued against removal of so many trees.

    The Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday that a compromise means the corps agreed to reduce the distance to 15 feet, meaning only about 180 trees face removal.

    Assistant City Manager Jill Jordan said Tuesday, at a meeting of the city council's Trinity project committee, that the argument "went all the way to (corps) headquarters."