Texas Could Save Billions With Net-Zero Homes | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Texas Could Save Billions With Net-Zero Homes



    Greg Janda
    Solar panels on homes could save Texans billions of dollars, according to a recent study.

    A new report from an environmentalist group says Texas can dramatically clean up its skies and save billions in utility bills with solar-powered homes.

    The Environment Texas Research and Policy Center's study released Thursday says the savings would come from building "net-zero homes" that can generate the same amount of energy they use.

    The group says reduced annual emissions in the nation's leading greenhouse-gas producing state would be the equivalent of cutting the pollution of more than 3 million cars by 2030.

    The study found huge savings if 10 percent more net-zero houses are built each year for the next decade, then by 2020 all new homes were built that way. Environment Texas' director thinks it's a realistic goal.