Texan Could Get $2 Million For Being In Prison

Ex-inmate struggles to cash in on compensation law

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    A Texas ex-inmate who spent more than 25 years in prison is now fighting the state for compensation.

    A Texas inmate who spent more than 25 years in prison before an appeals court overturned his convictions on two murders is now fighting the state for compensation given to wrongfully imprisoned ex-inmates.

    Billy Frederick Allen isn't considered formally innocent by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs' office, even though an appeals court declared the evidence against him too weak for any reasonable juror to convict him.

    Texas has the most generous law in the country for wrongfully convicted ex-inmates. It pays them $80,000 for every year they spent in prison plus an annuity.

    Allen would stand to collect more than $2 million.

    Texas says he isn't considered fully innocent because his convictions were overturned due to errors made by his attorney.

    The two sides recently argued before the Texas Supreme Court.