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Suspicious Device at DFW Airport's Founders Plaza Cleared

AA delays unrelated to suspicious device call


    The DFW Airport bomb squad was called out for a suspicious device at Founders Plaza Tuesday, that turned out to be a bag and posed no threat.

    Police at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport investigated a suspicious device found at Founders Plaza Tuesday afternoon.

    According to DFW Airport spokesman David Magana, at about 12:30 p.m. someone reported a suspicious device near a picnic table in the observation area northwest of the airport.

    Police, fire and the bomb squad checked out the device, with the help of a remote robot. Chopper 5 also saw two demolition technicians suited up.

    After a closer look, the suspicious device was identified as a bag that posed no threat.

    The investigation into the device took about two hours.  While the investigation was underway, the road near Founders Plaza was closed to traffic.

    No flight operations were impacted as a result of the investigation. American Airlines flight operations have been effected by problems with the reservations system.

    The area at Founders Plaza has been cleared.