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Good Samaritan Killed on Greenville Avenue; Two Arrested

Man killed after trying to break up a fight

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    Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed to NBC 5 that the department has arrested a second suspect in connection with the deadly stabbing of a man along Greenville Avenue. (Published Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013)

    Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed to NBC 5 that the department has arrested two people in connection with the deadly stabbing of a man along Greenville Avenue.

    Officers said the attack happened at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning on the 2000 block of Greenville Avenue.

    In a tweet to NBCDFW on Sunday afternoon, Brown said: "Our suspect is in custody."

    In a Sunday afternoon news conference, Officers identified that suspect as 23-year-old Julian Terence Martin, Jr.  Dallas police said Martin turned himself in after a family friend recognized his picture from television news reports on Saturday evening.  He is being held on $250,000 bond.

    Dallas police said Terrell Cowherd, 26, was trying to break up a fight that was taking place in the middle of the street. Cowherd was an aspiring engineer who was at a Hookah bar called Kush with his girlfriend and a fraternity brother.

    "Mr. Cowherd took it upon himself to intervene and try to break up the fight," said Maj. Jeff Kotner, with the Dallas Police Department. "He is de-escalating the fight. He is a good Samaritan, he is trying to get everyone to rationalize and go about their business."

    Police said Martin first hit Cowherd, then pulled a knife out of his pocket and began stabbing Cowherd repeatedly. Police said another man, Jerry Brown, Jr. held Cowherd from behind and punched him while he was stabbed.

    Brown was found a block away from the scene and had to be treated for a lacerated hand at Baylor Medical Center. In an arrest warrant affidavit, police said he admitted that he struck Cowherd and knew the complainant was dying.

    Cowherd was taken to Baylor Medical Center, where he was pronounced deceased.  According to his Facebook page, Cowherd was an engineer who graduated from Prairie View A&M University.

    Many witnesses to the stabbing recorded the incident on cell phone cameras. Dallas police released this video of the incident on YouTube.

    "We have video of the event we can’t show, but certainly it's compelling and certainly it's graphic," Major Kotner said.

    Dallas police believe more people may have witnesses the incident and recorded it.

    Greenville Reaction

    On Saturday night, nearly 24 hours after the fatal stabbing many people walking Greenville Avenue were unaware of the early-morning event.

    Those who were said they were disappointed. They said it's rare and doesn't represent the area, which they know to be safe and fun.

    "It's very disappointing and they’ve spent a lot of time trying to clean it up and we think they’re doing a good job of it," said Ben Troy.

    "Definitely not something I like to hear about in my neighborhood, no," said Ashley Myrick.

    Residents and visitors were shocked to hear about the incident, especially that Cowherd had died from his wounds.

    "That’s real bad, he’s somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, sister, family member, boyfriend," Troy said. "And its’s a very sad thing that happened. Unfortunately, the worst part about it is that he was a good Samaritan, that he wasn’t involved in it."