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Suspect Says PCP Led to Nude Mall Break-In



    (Published Monday, July 16, 2012)

    A Dallas man who allegedly drove a pickup truck into a mall while naked said he was on a bad PCP trip.

    Police said Arthur Walker drove into Southwest Center Mall and broke into a sporting goods store to steal pants and a pair of sneakers on Friday morning.

    In a jailhouse interview with NBC 5, Walker an acquaintance passed him a cigarette laced with PCP.

    "As I smoked, things occurred," he said. "I passed out."

    When he awoke, the man he was with was gone. Walker said he thought the world was ending.

    "My first thought was, it's the end of the world -- go get your kids," he said.

    But when he went to their house, "their grandmother was like, 'Arthur, put some clothes on,'" Walker said.

    He said he then decided to go to the mall. He drove through the mall -- and through the gates of Champs Sporting Goods.

    "I was sitting on the register and I was like, 'Jesus, this is the day. This is the day you're actually coming back to get us,'" Walker said. "I mean, the entire time, I was looking up at sky for him to come out the clouds."

    Officers responding to a break-in call at the mall found Walker in a stolen pair of Air Jordan sneakers and pants.

    "I'm absolutely sorry for everything," Walker said. "For anyone I bothered in the streets, I apologize. If I startled you on your way to work, this will never happen again. I'm not a crazy man."

    Walker has been charged with burglary. He has previously been arrested on suspicion of assault, evading arrest and possession of marijuana.