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Stray Bullet Startles Dallas Newlyweds Awake

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    Police are investigating how a stray bullet got inside an Uptown Dallas high-rise.

    Police are investigating how a stray bullet ended up inside an Uptown Dallas high-rise.

    Andres Correa and his wife had just gotten into bed Thursday night when the stray bullet pierced the living room window in their 14th-floor apartment. The bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and hit a cabinet before landing on the kitchen floor.

    “My first thought was that it was an explosion,” Claudia Correa said.

    Dallas police said they suspect the random shot came from somewhere along North Central Expressway. The couple lives in a high-rise off Blackburn Avenue.

    “What’s most surprising to me is that, according to the police, it’s not that rare," Andres Correa said. "It happens."

    In June of 2007, a shooter firing randomly from Interstate 45 hit a pregnant woman who was asleep in her apartment, killing her unborn child.

    And a Rowlett man sued a shooting range Thursday, alleging he was struck by a stray bullet in June while he was in his yard. But Rowlett police said there was no evidence the shot came from the shooting range.

    “I don't know whether to feel angry and scared or lucky and happy about what happened because, on the one hand, we are lucky none of us got hurt,” Andres Correa said.

    Police say it’s practically impossible that the Correa’s apartment was the shooter's intended target.

    The newlyweds said they believe if the shot were fired 10 minutes earlier, they would have been sitting directly in its path while watching television.

    “I asked the police what to do with the bullet, and they said, 'We can take it as evidence, or you can keep it as a good luck charm because you are both pretty lucky,'” Andres Correa said.

    The couple decided to keep the bullet.