Police Continue to Search for "Dangerous, Desperate" Miami Fugitive

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    Police across North Texas are continuing an active, extensive manhunt for a fugitive officials have described as "dangerous" and "desperate."

    Investigators set up a command post inside of the Grapevine Police Department and are working with officers from Miami-Dade and the U.S. Marshals following leads to find Alberto Morales.

    Morales escaped from police custody on Tuesday after stabbing a Miami-Dade police officer in the parking lot of a Grapevine Walmart. (Read more on that incident in this story)

    Search for Morales Centers Around Walmart

    [DFW] Search for Morales Centers Around Walmart
    Prisoner Alberto Morales, 42, has been a fugitive since police say he stabbed one of the two Miami-Dade detectives who were transferring him Monday while they were in Grapevine awaiting the arrival of a third officer who was flying in to join them. The police search Wednesday centered around the Walmart in Grapevine. (Published Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013)

    Local investigators said they had some tips on Morales' whereabouts overnight, but that none of the tips received have provided viable leads.

    Late Tuesday night, a possible Morales sighting turned out not to be the wanted suspect. Police also questioned two men in a Ford SUV they thought Morales may have stolen, but it wasn’t connected to the escape.

    Police are warning neighbors to watch out, describing Morales as a "dangerous" and "desperate" fugitive from the law.  He’s facing life in prison for aggravated sexual assault as well as serving time for other charges. Officers say if Morales is still in North Texas, he’ll need a warm place to hide out.

    “Make sure your garage door’s shut, your doors are locked, you're secure and make sure your house is secure. If your cars are locked out on your driveway, if you happen to park them out there, your keys are where they are.  You know where everything is. Just be aware of your surroundings,"  Lt. Todd Dearing of the Grapevine Police Department said.

    Search for Fugitive Focuses on Walmart Scene

    [DFW] Search for Fugitive Focuses on Walmart Scene
    Grapevine police say they are looking at surveillance tape from the Walmart where Alberto Morales escaped from custody. (Published Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013)

    "If you see someone that looks like him, please call us.  Even if you're on that edge of, ‘Is it or isn't it?’  Call us.  Let us go out and talk to the individual, because you never know when that one person’s going to call in, and that's actually going to be him,” said Dearing.

    Investigators say it’s possible Morales has gotten some help and escaped from the area. He’s now on the state’s Top 10 Most Wanted List and a reward of $10,000 has been issued for information that leads to his capture.

    911 Tapes After Morales Escape

    [DFW] 911 Tapes After Morales Escape
    A Florida detective who was stabbed by Alberto Morales in a Walmart parking lot called 911 after Morales' escaped the scene. Police released the 911 tapes Wednesday. (Published Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013)

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    Grapevine PD Continues Search for Alberto Morales

    [DFW] Grapevine PD Continues Search for Alberto Morales
    Robert Eberling with the Grapevine police gives an update on the search for missing fugitive Alberto Morales. Police say tips have provided no viable leads and a stolen Ford SUV recovered in Dallas had nothing to do with the fugitive. (Published Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013)

    NBC 5's Greg Janda contributed to this report.