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Rowlett Police Warn of Day Care Car Break-Ins

Two separate burglaries at two different day cares in one day



    (Published Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013)

    Rowlett police are looking for thieves who are breaking into cars while parents drop off their kids at day care.

    Two break-ins happened early in the morning Jan. 14 at day cares in the 4300 block of Miller Road and the 3600 block of Chaha Road.

    Victoria Moody said she was stunned and angry that her car was burglarized.

    "I bring him here because it is a nice neighborhood, it is a safe area, and so for it to happen here -- that was even another factor that shocked me," she said.

    Deanna Civello said her window was broken and her purse was stolen.

    "It was gone, and I was just shocked," she said."I was frustrated."

    Police said the thieves could be targeting women who drop off their children.

    "Thieves know, when you come to the day care facility, it's mostly women -- not that men don't bring their kiddos -- but when women do, they'll have their purses with them," Rowlett Officer Kristi Savage said.

    The thieves act fast. Police said the car break-ins happened within 30 to 45 minutes of each other. The two day cares are only four miles apart.

    "They see the purse, check the door handle its open -- takes 100 seconds to do that and walk away," Savage said.

    Some parents are now taking their purses with them or locking them in the trunk.

    "I am normally a cautious person. I always carry my purse with me. You know, I locked my door that day," Civello said. "I just happen to leave it because I was in a hurry, and so you feel like you live in a small community where no one is going to harm you. It taught me to be more cautious."

    Anyone with information on the thefts should call Savage at 972-412-6201.