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Rescue Group Gives Second Horse Prosthetic Leg

Ranch Hand Rescue fits full-size horse with prosthetic leg

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    An animal rescue group that outfitted a miniature horse with a prosthetic leg last year has given a full-size horse a second chance at life.

    Phoenix is beating the odds with his new prosthetic leg.

    Bob Williams, owner of Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle, said the Denton County sheriff called and said the horse would be euthanized.

    "It was a pretty severe case," Williams said. "His hoof wall and his hoof were completely torn off."

    One year ago, Ranch Hand Rescue saved Midnite, a miniature horse in need of a prosthetic leg.

    "They are the throwaways, the ones no one else wants," Williams said. "This type of prosthetic that we do without amputation could really change the way that people look at these types of injuries. Pretty traditionally, they put them down."

    In both cases, Williams refused to give up.

    "I can't sleep at night if I don't know that I've done everything possible to help these guys," he said.

    Phoenix may be much larger than Midnite, but like his friend, he's on his way to a full recovery.

    "He actually has taken off running," Williams said.

    Ranch Hand Rescue wants to use both of these animals to inspire people. They plan to travel around, encouraging others with disabilities.

    "God works in mysterious ways," Williams said. "If we can help kids, and if we can help wounded warriors and veterans, and other people that have gone through severe trauma and show them that there is hope, then it doesn't get any better than saving animals and helping people."

    Prostheticare Fort Worth designed and donated Phoenix's leg.

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