Relatives Seek Custody of Baby Allegedly Cut by Mother

Judge orders home study of two different relatives

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    Family members went to court Tuesday to fight to get 1-year-old Moriah Busby out of foster care and back with family members after police say her mother cut her throat. (Published Tuesday, April 10, 2012)

    A Dallas judge ordered on Tuesday two different home studies to determine if any relatives of a baby allegedly cut by her mother are acceptable guardians.

    One-year-old Moriah Busby was released from a hospital last week and has been staying with a foster family.

    Mother's Mental History Raises Questions

    [DFW] Mother's Mental History Raises Questions
    Danielle Busby suffers from schizophrenia and her history with the illness has many asking if someone should have intervened months before she was charged with injury to a child after police say she slashed her 1-year-old daughter's throat. (Published Tuesday, March 27, 2012)

    CPS will report the results of the home study to the judge on April 24. At that time, the judge will likely make a decision regarding Moriah's custody.

    "They look at family dynamics," said Marissa Gonzales, Child Protective Services spokeswoman. "They look at finances. They talk to family and friends and really try to get a comprehensive view of that situation to make sure it's a safe place for the child."

    Mother Arrested in Cut to Baby's Throat

    [DFW] Mother Arrested in Cut to Baby's Throat
    A Dallas mother is charged with injury to a child in connection with a cut to her 1-year-old daughter. The woman's family says she is a diagnosed schizophrenic who has been on and off her medications. (Published Monday, March 26, 2012)

    Dallas police say Danielle Busby used a kitchen knife to cut her 1-year-old daughter's throat on March 26 and then called 911.

    Busby's family said she is a diagnosed schizophrenic who was not consistently taking her medication.

    Gonzales said Moriah is doing well.

    "She doesn't have any special needs at this point, so she'll be following up with her medical care and continuing visits with family members," she said.

    Moriah's father, a convicted sex offender, is among those who would like to see her. Family members said they hope her father, who had visitation rights before Moriah was injured, might be able to see her again if they get custody.

    "Our situation is that we would like to get her out of foster care so that her father can have some kind of relationship with her," said Gwen Hawkins, a relative.