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Pushing Back Against Bullying

Dallas town hall discusses ways to put an end to bullying

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    City leaders, former bullies and bullying victims discussed how to stop bullying during an open forum panel discussion at Friendship-West Baptist on Thursday night.

    The recent deaths of teenagers across the country who committed suicide after being bullied have draw attention to the issue.

    Nearly 200 people attended Radio One's Second Annual Teen Town Hall Meeting, an open forum panel discussion.

    Marquin Wayan, a Carter High School senior, said he was bullied as a child and became a bully himself because he felt it was the only way stop being a victim.

    "I soaked it in," he said. "As I got older, I became the predator, and I started bullying kids, so if you don't deal with it, you end up being a bully."

    He said he told his story in hopes that he can change lives. He advised victims to pray and tell a trusted adult about the situation.

    He had other advice for bullies: "What goes, comes around."

    Rickey Smiley, of 97.9 The Beat, hosted the event. District Attorney Craig Watkins also attended.

    And Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway had some words of advice for teens struggling with bullying.

    "You have the right to stand up and be a part of society without fear of any type of threat," he said.

    Some parents say teachers and school administrators should step in more often if they see a problem with bullying. Meanwhile, advocates are pushing state lawmakers to create tougher anti-bullying laws.

    The Dallas Independent School District is considering adding an anti-bullying policy to its code of conduct. Trustees will vote on the proposal Nov. 18.

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