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Tiny Flaw Kept Colleyville Bomb From Exploding

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    Federal agents have arrested the ex-husband of the woman who received a bomb via FedEx on Sunday.

    A federal judge has ordered that a man accused of leaving a bomb at his former wife's house remain in federal custody.

    Prosecutors laid out their case against Dave Barouch on Tuesday in a Fort Worth federal courtroom. Investigators say he delivered a homemade bomb to his former wife's home on May 2.

    During the preliminary and detention hearing, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent leading the investigation said Barouch left a $1 bill under a FedEx box packed with explosives and hollow point bullets on his wife's doorstep.  The agent said the $1 was to symbolize "the last dollar she would ever get from him."

    The agent told the court the package was designed to kill Barouch's former wife, Jeanette. 

    The bomb was made of gun powder, batteries and a small automobile light bulb commonly used in tail lights. According to testimony, the maker of the bomb broke the glass on the bulb so, when activated, the filament in the bulb would ignite the gun powder, ultimately sending 9mm hollow point bullets flying in every direction.

    Federal agents said the only reason the bomb did not detonate is because the bulb's filament broke when the bomb maker tried to bury it in the gun powder.

    Investigators told the court they found a receipt for five bomb-making and booby trap-related books purchased by Barouch one year ago.

    During last week's search of his North Fort Worth home, agents said they found 35 guns, a soldering iron, the same type of bullets found in the bomb and tape used in the packaging of the bomb.

    Agents also said they found a handwritten note by Barouch for his son.  It said, "I had a premonition I am going to die, I will face death with courage." Next to that note was a one line will leaving everything to his two sons.

    After hearing the evidence, the judge ordered Barouch to remain in federal custody, fearing he may try to harm his former wife or flee the country.

    Barouch's defense attorney, Matthey Belcher, had only a few words to say about the ruling.

    "Obviously, we were hoping to get him released today, but that doesn't change our focus from here on out," he said. "We will start reviewing the government's case and start our own investigation and see where it leads us."

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