Man Denies Posing as Energy Worker, Stealing Woman's Wallet

Woman says she was robbed after calling number on flier

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    A Dallas woman said she was robbed by a man who claimed he was selling electricity, but the man said the crime never happened.

    Fredrica Sanders, 19, said she was robbed Thursday morning by a man posing as an Ambit Energy worker.

    Man Denies Posing as Energy Worker, Stealing Woman's Wallet

    [DFW] Man Denies Posing as Energy Worker, Stealing Woman's Wallet
    A man who says he is an Ambit Energy worker says he did not steal the wallet of a woman who called him to set up service. (Published Friday, Feb. 17, 2012)

    She said he came to her eastside Dallas apartment after she called the number on a flier for Ambit Energy that had what looked like a great deal.

    "He agreed to meet me at my apartment, so he came by with applications," Sanders said. "I filled out the paperwork or whatever and told him to explain a little bit more."

    Dallas Mom Says Energy Company Impostor Robbed Her

    [DFW] Dallas Mom Says Energy Company Impostor Robbed Her
    A Dallas mother says she was robbed by a man who said he was an Ambit Energy worker. (Published Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012)

    Sanders said the man shoved her and stole her wallet before leaving her apartment.

    NBC 5 called the man at the phone number Sanders said was on the flier.

    "She did not get robbed," said the man, who declined to give his name but said he is a consultant for Ambit Energy.

    "She called the police?" the man asked.

    When informed she had, he said, "OK, I need to call them right now."

    The man said he could not explain why Sanders would report she was robbed.

    Sanders, a single mother of a 1-year-old, moved into her apartment a few days ago.

    She said the man appeared unsure of himself when she pressed him for more information.

    "The more questions I asked, he was like, 'Um,' like he was trying to make it up," Sanders said.

    She said he shoved her when she was about to tell the guy to leave. Sanders, who was holding her son, said she almost fell to the ground.

    Sanders said he grabbed her wallet and everything in it -- her Social Security car, her driver's license, her credit cards, money and Medicaid cards.

    "It's extremely hard," she said. "I have to go to a lot of places, cancel a lot of things. It's a step back."

    Sanders said she was worried about her baby during the robbery but is now worried about her sense of security.

    "It was extremely scary, because it could've been a lot worse," she said. "He could've done anything. It was just me, my son and my best friend -- she was in the backroom -- so anything could've happened."

    Ambit Energy said in a statement Friday that door-to-door soliciting is not allowed:

    "Ambit Energy independent consultants are prohibited from door-to-door marketing and only offer our service to people they know. No one should let anyone claiming to be an Ambit consultant in their home if they do not already have a a personal relationship with that person."