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Pickup Slams Into Garland Boy's Bedroom

Boy unhurt but wonders why pickup driver sped away



    (Published Friday, June 6, 2014)

    A pickup slammed into the bedroom of a 10-year-old Garland boy while he was sleeping, but he somehow walked away without a scratch.

    Police are investigating the crash that happened Monday about 11:30 p.m. in the 2700 block of Ripplewood Drive.

    The pickup lost two side mirrors, a door handle, part of a bumper and a taillight.

    The family wants answers because the driver managed to put the truck in reverse and sped away.

    "All I could see was the headlights and debris flying in the air,” said Lisa Jones.

    At first, in the dust and confusion, she couldn’t find her son, Alec.

    "I thought the worst,” said remembered Friday. “I figured he was dead. I really thought there had been an explosion from the sound of it and my bed shook and the house shook."

    Remarkably, Alec slept through the ordeal and was only awakened by the sound of his mother screaming.

    "And then I woke up and got out of the room and we were crying and we called 911," Alec said.

    Their big question now: Why the driver didn't stop.

    "I understand they were probably terrified but it makes me sick and breaks my heart that they wouldn't check to see that nobody was hurt," Lisa Jones said.

    Alec said he doesn’t understand why the driver kept on going.

    "I know it wasn't a medical problem because if it was a medical problem, he would have stayed and helped,” he said. “But he just backed out."

    Insurance will cover repairs to the house.

    The family is just grateful Alec is OK.

    "We have thanked God so many times,” Lisa Jones said. “It was a miracle."