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Pesky Pigs, Nuisance Wildlife Seek New Homes After Wildfires

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    With a reported 1.6 million acres burned, and more burning every minute, the impact of wildfires on property and human lives is not the only concern.

    Nuisance wildlife, such as the troublesome feral hog or coyotes, are being pushed out of their natural habitats and into new territory by the swath of wildfires pushing through parts of North Texas.

    PK Complex Levels at Least 149 Homes

    [DFW] PK Complex Levels at Least 149 Homes
    The massive fire at Possum Kingdom has destroyed at least 149 homes. (Published Tuesday, April 19, 2011)

    On Monday, the Red Cross said they were warned about feral hogs possibly becoming a problem for volunteers as the pesky porcines moved to new locations in search of food and shelter that was burned or covered in ash.

    Feral hogs, which feed at night, look for grub worms, pecans, acorns and roots, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife, which, in neighborhoods, often leads to torn up lawns and flower beds.

    Possum Kingdom Fire from April 19, 2011

    [DFW] Possum Kingdom Fire from April 19, 2011
    Raw video of wildfires and wildfire damage at Possum Kingdom Lake shot by Chopper 5 on April 19, 2011. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012)

    While some may not mind the meddlesome hogs perishing in the inferno on the Texas plains, if only to spare their own lawns and bank accounts, others might welcome a hog or two into the neighborhood so that it may mysteriously disappear from the pack before reappearing on a backyard barbeque spit.

    Alas, you should be warned -- it is illegal to shoot hogs in some cities (Fort Worth included), so check your local ordinances before hunting in your back yard.

    Weatherford Fire Marshal Says Arsonist Setting Wildfires

    [DFW] Weatherford Fire Marshal Says Arsonist Setting Wildfires
    Weatherford's fire marshal says seven wildfires in one neighborhood since December were intentionally set. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012)

    So, what should you do if you find your property overrun with nuisance wildlife?  In Fort Worth, don't call animal control as they don't handle feral hogs and they'll only refer you to the police. In other outlying areas, check with local ordinances on how to handle nuisance wildlife before they become a problem so that you'll know what to do should they arrive.