Paying Tribute to Denton County's Fallen Soldiers

City installs Walk of Honor for soldiers killed overseas

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    The city of Denton is working on a special tribute to fallen soldiers.

    A Walk of Honor is being built at the Spc. Earnest W. Dallas Veterans Memorial Park to remember the men and women from Denton County that have been killed overseas.

    Denton Builds Memorial for Fallen Soldiers

    [DFW] Denton Builds Memorial for Fallen Soldiers
    Denton is working on a special tribute to fallen soldiers, a Walk of Honor built to remember the men and woman from Denton County killed in action. (Published Friday, April 13, 2012)

    It's a place people can come to spend time with their loved ones.

    "I love these guys. A day don't go by that I don't talk about these guys,"said Monty Slough, Denton County Fallen Soldiers Memorial Director.

    Slough is working with the city to create the memorial to Denton County's fallen soldiers.

    "This is important because people want to know who their heroes are," Slough said."They may not be wearing medals, but they are heroes."

    When the Walk of Honor is complete, there will be 18 plaques, each one with a different name and story.

    Mark McCauley said his son, Ryan, was killed overseas. He was proud of his country and would be proud of this tribute.

    "I know that when I'm gone, his plaque will still be there. People will know that people did die for this country," McCauley said.

    McCauley is not alone. The Redfearns came to remember their son-in-law, Albert Hadad.

    "It helps me understand that without those guys, we could be in the biggest mess ever, as far as being able to function like we do with the freedom we have. They protect our freedom," Redfearn said.

    Now, the quiet park in Denton is protecting them. Their memories are being set in stone with each plaque that's installed.

    "Remember Ryan. Remember them all. Never forget," McCauley said.