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Pastor Joel Osteen Says Anti-Christian Site a Hoax



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    Joel Osteen, the pastor of Houston's Lakewood Church, is apparently the target of an elaborate Internet hoax.

    Pastor Joel Osteen is reassuring church members and fans that -- despite the claims of an apparent Internet hoax -- he is not giving up his Christian faith.

    A website purporting to belong to the famous pastor of Houston's Lakewood Church claims that Osteen has questioned Christianity for years and that he intends to resign.

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    Osteen says he was at the gym Monday morning when his phone started to ring. His assistant received more than 500 phone calls.

    He told Houston television station KTRK, "I still have my faith. Nothing has changed."

    Osteen says he's not angry. It's not yet clear whether Lakewood's attorneys will pursue legal action.

    Osteen is a best-selling author whose sermons are broadcast all over the world.