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Officials Advise on How to Prevent Drownings This Holiday Weekend

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    When someone is drowning, your instinct might be to jump in the lake and help them. But the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance said that can make the situation more dangerous. Instead, they recommend throwing out a life jacket to the victim and helping them swim back to safety. (Published Thursday, July 3, 2014)

    The Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance said there will be a lot of people out on the lakes this Fourth of July holiday weekend.

    With the lakes lower this season, they said the lakes are more dangerous.

    What to Do to Save Someone From Drowning

    [DFW] What to Do to Save Someone From Drowning
    NBC 5 provides tips on the best methods to prevent drownings this Fourth of July weekend. (Published Thursday, July 3, 2014)

    Linda DeSanders, with the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance, gave some tips on what to do if someone is drowning.

    DeSanders said jumping in to save a drowning victim can do more harm than good. She said someone who is drowning will most likely pull the other person down too – as he tries to climb up and get air.

    Instead, DeSanders said you should throw a floatation device out to the person in the water. Then find something to help pull them back into the boat or encourage them to swim back.

    According to DeSanders, the best way to prevent drownings is by wearing a life jacket.

    DeSanders also wants to remind people this holiday weekend that it’s never a good idea to mix drinking and boating.

    For more lake safety information, visit the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance website.

    Also, for more information on the BMF Project featured in the broadcast story, visit here.