North Texas Woman Asks D.C. Snipers if They Killed Her Son

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    DC sniper John Allen Muhammad is scheduled to die by lethal injection in November.

    Sarah Dillon thinks the D.C. snipers, John Allen Mohammad and Lee Malvo, are responsible for her son's 2002 murder in Denton County and has begun a letter-writing campaign to try to get some questions answered.

    "Dear John Mohammad, you do not know me, but I hope you could give me some answers," said Dillon, reading one of several letters she has written to both Malvo and Mohammad.

    North Texas Woman Asks DC Snipers if They Killed Her Son

    [DFW] North Texas Woman Asks DC Snipers if They Killed Her Son
    John Allen Mohammad and Lee Malvo are better known as the DC Snipers. But Sarah Dillon thinks they made a trip to Texas and killed her son. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009)

    In each letter she wrote, Dillon asked the two convicted men if they killed her son Billy Gene Dillon.

    Dillon was shot in the head from a distance with a high powered rifle on his rural Denton County property in May, 2002. Police never solved the case. Bullet fragments were sent for analysis, but the results were inconclusive.

    Tom Reedy, with the Denton County Sheriff's Office, told that his investigators asked to interview Malvo about the case, but he refused.

    Authorities said the men have admitted to murders stretching from Florida to California.

    Even without conclusive evidence, Dillon told she thinks Malvo was the shooter in her son's case.

    "I'd like to have some answers, cause I don't know, seven years is a long time,"  Dillon said.