North Texas Humane Society Saving Alabama Strays

80 dogs housed in Fort Worth

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    The Humane Society of North Texas is coming to the rescue of dogs from tornado-ravaged Alabama.

    The shelter is getting about 80 dogs that were at the Humane Society in Tuscaloosa, Ala., when the tornadoes ripped through the city.

    Alabama Strays Given Shelter In North Texas

    [DFW] Alabama Strays Given Shelter In North Texas
    The Humane Society of North Texas is taking in about 80 stray dogs from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It's a joint effort to help the tornado ravaged region. (Published Tuesday, May 3, 2011)

    “These are animals who are being moved out to make room for the animals displaced by the tornadoes in that part of the country,” said Humane Society of North Texas spokeswoman Peggy Brown.

    Almost 50 of the dogs were moved to Fort Worth late Sunday night, and the other 30 are due to arrive at about 1a.m. Wednesday.

    “We can house about 450 animals here comfortably, and we have housed over 500 before in a pinch," Brown said. "It’s a little bit of a stress for us to add that many, but luckily this is a good time of year for us for adoptions."

    The group hopes that making extra space in Alabama for new strays can help those animals be reunited with their owners and not suffer in the wild.

    “Our shelter has kind of been known in the past few years -- actually for generations -- as somebody who jumps in whenever needed where ever needed,” Brown said.