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North Texans Encouraged to Seek Higher Ground



    Brian Lozey
    Some North Texans are being encouraged to seek higher ground after three days of rain.

    To Mayra Estrada, the mass of water in her front yard looks cool.

    "Like a  big big swimming pool, except it's dirty." said the 10 year old, standing at the foot of an over flowing sump outside her west Dallas home.

    DPD on Flood Patrol, Warns Residents

    [DFW] DPD on Flood Patrol, Warns Residents
    With heavy rain over the weekend, the Dallas police warned those living near the Trinity River of possible flooding.
    (Published Monday, Sept. 14, 2009)

    The three days of rain caused the Trinity to swell, filling the spill zone near the Estrada home up. City officials did a reverse 9-1-1 call to let residents know they were monitoring the water's movement.

    "We came to see around three o'clock, and there was no water on the street, and now it's coming out." said Rosa Estrada, Mayra's mom.

    By the evening hours, Dallas police were knocking on the doors of dozens of residents on Topeka avenue, letting them know that the flood waters might overflow into their homes.

    The Red Cross set up a  shelter for the residents in the 700 Block of West Canty St.

    City officials said the water was coming into the sump faster than the pumps could move it out.