No Big Security Delays Expected at DFW Airport

Security lines average less than 3 minutes

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    Full body scanners and thorough pat-downs aren't expected to slow things down at DFW Airport Wednesday.

    "There's very few people that are going to do the pat-down, very few," said DFW Airport spokesman David Magana. "It's really more of a secondary process if you trigger something."

    The airport expects 165,000 passengers to pass through its five terminals the day before Thanksgiving. Even more -- 170,000 -- are expected on Sunday and again on Monday. The airport normally averages 156,000 passengers each day.

    "Everybody just pack your patience because that's going to be a key thing here," said Magana.

    DFW Expects No Big Security Delays

    [DFW] DFW Expects No Big Security Delays
    Even with 165,000 people expected Wednesday, DFW Airport predicts things will continue to move smoothly.

    A study last month by the TSA found the average wait time at DFW Airport's 16 security checkpoints was no more than 3 minutes.

    The airport isn't too worried about passengers "opting out" of the scanners Wednesday, as some are calling for, and insisting on the more time-consuming pat-down instead.

    "We're not very concerned about it," said Magana. "We have very short checkpoint lines as it is so I don't think you're going to see a lot of confusion or backups here."