New Way You Can Track Crime in Dallas

Dallas Police join crime-tracking website

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    Dallas Police have launched a new effort to help you pinpoint crime down to your neighborhood. (Published Sunday, March 3, 2013)

    Dallas Police have launched a new effort to help you pinpoint crime down to your neighborhood.

    They've joined a national website called, and people are already taking advantage of the free service.

    NOTE: The site seems to be down as of 6:50 a.m. Please try again later.

    Other police departments in North Texas that use the service include Coppell, Denton, Euless, Farmers Branch, Highland Village, Richland Hills, Stephenville and all of Collin County.

    "I think it's interesting police are doing this to try to address concerns of the community," said Kathryn Hodgekinson of Dallas.   "It may be alarming to look at it and see the crimes in the area but also it would be interesting particularly to know if it were closer in my neighborhood."

    Dallas spent a couple of months testing the site before launching it city wide this week. It even provides analysis showing what kind of crimes are happening in particular areas on specific days of the week.

    "It's good to know what's going on in your area," said husband and father Damien Gordon. "So it'd be good to utilize on a regular basis to have access to see what's going on in your neighborhood and what you can expect and maybe places where you shouldn't be going, could be helpful I guess if you're looking to purchase a home as well."

    Police said the more information they can get out to us the better it is for us. Most seem to agree, but not Janet Bilhartz who says she has no interest in the site or the app.

    "I already try to be safe," said Bilhartz. "I lock my doors, I have an alarm system.  Why do I need to know that? What would I do?"

    Maybe it's not for everyone, but several people downloaded the app to their smart phones as soon as we told them about it.