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Neighbors Credited With Life-Saving Heroics

No injuries reported in Dallas fire



    (Published Thursday, April 19, 2012)

    Several families from 12 north Dallas fire-damaged apartments have their neighbors to thank for their safety Thursday morning.

    Flames tore through a building at the Bosque Estates apartments in the 6500-block of Chimney Hill Lane at about 11:30 Wednesday night.

    According to neighbors, there was little warning before the fire quickly consumed the building.

    "They have smoke detectors, but for some reason we didn't even hear the smoke detectors going off, the smoke alarms going off until after the fire was pretty engulfed," said Selena Zavaleta, a resident who escaped the flames. 

    Zavaleta and others ran door-to-door, trying to warn people about the flames. 

    There were no injuries reported, according to fire investigators.

    The cause of the fire is under investigation.  The source of the flames, according to neighbors, was inside of a vacant apartment that was undergoing renovations.