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NTTA Has A New Way of Collecting Fines

Customers will get a head's up, for a fee of course



    The southbound Dallas North tollway exit ramp to I-35E.

    The Texas State Legislature has changed how the North Texas Tollway Authority collects late fines, specifically ZipCash bills.
    ZipCash is the NTTA’s “drive now, pay later” option for customers without TollTags. ZipCash customers have had the convenience of paying their bills online ever since the NTTA switched to all-electronic toll collection.

    Now customers who fail to pay will receive three notices on non-payment sent 30 days apart. Each notice will come with new fines, but won’t exceed $200 per toll.

    NTTA TollTags are convenient, too, and according to the NTTA website, save customers up to 45 percent on tolls.

    Apply for a TollTag online at