Mother of Victim Says She Wants Suspect in Attack Dead

Victim's mother tells NBC 5 her daughter is out of intensive care

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    The mother of a 17-year-old who was sexually assaulted and stabbed on her way to school said she wants to kill the man accused in the case. (Published Friday, April 27, 2012)

    The mother of a 17-year-old high school student who was sexually assaulted and stabbed Wednesday said her daughter still cannot talk, eat or drink.

    The teenager was on her way to school when she was attacked on Maple Avenue near Kings Road.

    Man Arrested for Teen Attack Not Cooperative: Police

    [DFW] Man Arrested for Teen Attack Not Cooperative: Police
    Police say Tommy Robinson, who also goes by Tommy King, hasn't been cooperative with their investigation into the brutal rape and stabbing of a teenage girl. NBC 5 continues to blur his image because the victim in the case hasn't been able to take part in a photo lineup. (Published Thursday, April 26, 2012)

    NBC 5 spoke with the girl's mother at their home not far from the site of the brutal attack. In her native language, Vietnamese, the mother said she wants to kill Tommy Robinson, the man accused of nearly killing her daughter.

    Her daughter has been moved out of intensive care but still has a long way to go.

    Arrest in Sex Assault, Stabbing of Teen

    [DFW] Arrest in Sex Assault, Stabbing of Teen
    While Dallas Police say they have a suspect in custody in a brutal stabbing and sexual assault, friends and acquaintances of the victim worry about safety. (Published Thursday, April 26, 2012)

    NBC 5 generally does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault and is not identifying the mother or showing her face to protect her daughter's identity.

    According to the arrest affidavit, officers found the 17-year-old “lying in a fetal position, totally nude, dirty, covered in blood and Styrofoam debris."

    "In her critically injured state, she was able to tell officers with a weak voice, ‘He grabbed me from Maple and raped and stabbed me,'" the documents state.

    Officers asked her what the attacker looked like, and she said "a white male, 50 to 60 with a beard." According to the court documents, she then became unconscious and unresponsive to medical personnel.

    ”I was shattered," said a friend of the victim. "It really hurt to hear this."

    According to police, Robinson was found about a block from the dumpster.

    Court documents state that a police helicopter spotted a "nude white male in the water in the creek, washing himself off.” Officers found a pair of black boots next to him. "The victim's missing iPhone and a black handle folding knife which had both blood and Styrofoam debris on the blade" was found inside, according to the documents.

    Police said Robinson would not so much as tell police his name during an interview. Investigators were able to identify him through fingerprints already on file.

    Robinson has a history of violent felonies in which the charges were reduced and the time served was minimal.

    Police have asked NBC 5 not to show Robinson's face until the victim is strong enough to identify him in a photo lineup.

    He is charged with aggravated sexual assault.

    Anyone who wishes to contribute money toward the victim's recovery can do so through The Lilly Fund set up at Preston State Bank at 5944 Luther Lane, Ste. 100 in Dallas.