Mesquite Dress Code Could Get Some College Spirit

School district considers relaxing conservative dress code for college gear

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    A North Texas school district known for its strict dress codes is considering allowing students to wear college-themed gear.

    The Mesquite Independent School District Board vote Monday night on a student proposal to allow official college gear.

    We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

    [DFW] We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!
    A North Texas school district known for its strict dress code considers allowing college-themed gear. (Published Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010)

    "I think that's good," Mesquite High School sophomore Andrew Wade said. "A lot of people own college hoodies, and most people want to wear college hoodies."

    "It shows they are interested in going to college and to me, that's my goal as a parent," Mesquite father James Barricks said.

    According to the current dress code, students can only wear sold-colored shirts or shirts and hoodies.

    "I think it's dumb, because it's higher education you're promoting -- where you want to go and stuff like that," Mesquite High student John Meriwether said.

    The district has drawn national attention in the past for disciplining students over hair that is too long, hair that is too high and tight jeans.

    A Mesquite ISD spokesperson said students would only be allowed to wear official college gear, not sorority or fraternity T-shirts, if the measure passes.

    The school board is scheduled to vote on the proposal during its 6:30 p.m. business meeting on Monday.

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