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Men Harassing Women, Exposing Themselves in Royse City

Police do not believe all incidents are related



    (Published Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012)

    Royse City police are asking residents to be on the lookout for men who are harassing women in the city.

    Four incidents have been recently reported, but Assistant Chief Jeff Stapleton said police do not believe all of the incidents are related.

    "Our intent from the police department was to notify the community so they'd be much more aware of what we're dealing with here," he said.

    Police said a man pulled up in his car to a woman in Fate and asked for directions on Aug. 17. He started getting aggressive and then poured an unknown liquid on her. It happened again later that day in Royce City, and a man tried to force a woman into the car, police said.

    On Aug. 20, a man exposed himself to a woman while sitting in his car. Police received a call Aug. 22 about a suspicious person or people.

    Word about the harassment has quickly spread around Royse City.

    "It's scary being a woman in our town," Amber Ehnis said. "It's scary that men are going around town showing themselves to girls. What if that's a teenage girl? What are they going to do?"

    "I have nieces that walk around In this town, and I know their mom hasn't let them go outside," she said.

    Ehnis and Kelli Creek said they are watching their backs.

    "I really do hope the Royse City police catch them because, with us working and children around here, it's just alarming for us ," Creek said.

    Police say the man or men could be driving a smaller two-door white hatchback car. Anyone with information on the incidents is asked to call police.