Gasoline, Gun Discharge Touched Off Explosion: Preliminary Report

Eight escape home before three explosions heard

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    A recently divorced, suicidal man is believed to have died in a massive explosion at a McKinney home Friday afternoon, police said.

    Just before 4 p.m., investigators said they made contact with Tab Brewer, 35, after receiving a call about a suicidal person at a home on the 500 block of Lewis Canyon Lane. Brewer, whose divorce from his wife was finalized earlier in the day, was inside the home with his former wife, five children and two members of a local church, police said.

    Officers got everyone except Brewer outside of the home minutes before they heard two separate explosions.

    Preliminary reports released by the McKinney Police Department on Monday show the master bathroom and master bedroom closet were doused with gasoline, that filled the spaces with combustible vapor, and the vapor was ignited by the discharge of a firearm.

    Police Say Distraught Man Blew Up Home

    [DFW] Police Say Distraught Man Blew Up Home
    A recently divorced man is believed to have died in a massive explosion at a McKinney home Friday afternoon, police said. (Published Saturday, April 3, 2010)

    "The best way to explain it is 'sonic boom,'" neighbor Scott Klamer said.

    The explosion was so intense that it severely damaged the home next door.

    Neighbor's Home is Collateral Damage to Suicide Explosion

    [DFW] Neighbor's Home is Collateral Damage to Suicide Explosion
    In a violent suicidal act a McKinney man blew up his home Friday afternoon. And in the process of taking his own life, he also completely changed the lives of his neighbors. (Published Sunday, April 4, 2010)

    "Almost immediately -- within seconds -- the flames and smoke were coming out of the house. I mean, real quick," Klamer said.

    Police said Brewer's body was found inside the home. An autopsy will determine if Brewer shot himself with a rifle found near his body in the same area of the home that was doused with gasoline.

    Police said he wanted to kill himself because of his divorce. Just two hours before the explosion, Brewer had posted on Facebook that "this could all be over soon."

    "We as a police department, we as a community -- I'm sure the folks around here tonight -- we are very grateful the family was out of there prior to the explosion," Lt. Scott Brewer said.

    Annette Meneses, a neighbor, said she was "shocked" that Brewer would allegedly blow up his home.

    Neighbors said Tab Brewer was quiet and kept to himself.

    "He was nice, but he was very -- to me -- odd," Meneses said.

    NBC DFW's Ellen Goldberg contributed to this report.