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Many Milford Residents Still Wait to Return Home



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    Residents in Milford might not be able to go back to their homes this weekend, after a 10-inch gas pipe was damaged.

    Chevron officials on the scene are still assessing the damage that sent smoke and flames into the air on Thursday. The accident caused law enforcement to evacuate the town of Milford.

    Milford Residents Still Waiting to Return Home

    [DFW] Milford Residents Still Waiting to Return Home
    NBC 5 accompanied law enforcement through the evacuation zone in Milford on Friday, only a day after a pipeline explosion forced residents to evacuate.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 15, 2013)

    A law enforcement official took NBC 5 into the evacuated town on Friday evening. Street lights were still on in the downtown area of Milford, but no one was around.

    In the neighborhoods, some residents evacuated so fast, they left lights and computers turned on. Some homes still had trash at the curb waiting for collection.

    Police, deputies and troopers are patrolling the streets and blocking off roads in the town. Law enforcement told NBC 5 that extra security is being put on back roads and empty fields, after reports of residents trying to sneak back into their homes.

    At least two residents refused to leave their Milford homes and are still there. Law enforcement tells us they are not allowed to leave their homes.

    Chevron officials plan to brief the media on Saturday on a possible timetable to allow Milford residents back to their homes.