Lake Rescue Survivor Gives Thanks

31-year-old Jason McClellan was rescued by DPD officers early Friday morning

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    A man who had to be extracted from his vehicle early Friday morning after driving into Bachman Lake says he believes his rescue was partly "divine intervention". Doctors say Jason McClellan suffered a seizure and lost control of his SUV.

    The man pulled from his sinking SUV in Bachman Lake on Friday morning says he remembers nothing about the accident that landed him in Parkland Hospital’s intensive care unit.

    “I remember getting on Northwest Highway and ten minutes later, I’m waking up in an ambulance,” said 31-year-old Jason McClellan of Dallas.

    Lake Rescue Survivor Gives Thanks

    [DFW] Lake Rescue Survivor Gives Thanks
    NBC 5's Catherine Ross talks with Jason McClellan about being pulled from his sinking SUV at Bachman Lake. His message for the strangers and 3 police officers who saved him.

    McClellan says he was on his way to work in Las Colinas just after 6:00 a.m. on Friday, when doctors believe he suffered a slight seizure and lost control of his vehicle.

    Two joggers saw the car plunge into the water, and after trying to free McClellan, called 911.

    Three Dallas police officers managed to free McClellan, who by then, was unconscious, by breaking his sunroof window.

    “I think there was some kind of divine intervention that happened there,” McClellan said.

    “I have a new appreciation for strangers now.”

    McClellan says he has no memory of the accident itself, adding that he watched video of the rescue while being treated in the Intensive Care Unit.

    “I was just laying up there watching the news, trying to figure out if that was really me or not,” he said.

    While he’s yet to meet the Dallas [olice officers and two citizens who helped in his rescue face-to-face, McClellan says the joggers did call to check up on him in the hospital.

    While he says he appreciated the gesture, he added a heartfelt message of thanks to the Good Samaritans.

    “Thanks for giving me my life,” he said.

    “Because without that, I’d be dead, I guess.”