Man Pleads Guilty to Dragging Death of 76-Year-Old Woman

Sentencing phase begins Tuesday

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    Rogelio Belmonte plead guilty to murder Monday. He'll face between 5 and 99 years in prison or a life sentence for dragging Sabra Leavy to her death last year while trying to snatch her purse. (Published Monday, April 23, 2012)

    A Dallas man admitted Monday to dragging a 76-year-old woman to death during a robbery.

    Rogelio Belmonte pleaded guilty to murder before a jury was even seated to hear the case against him.

    Man Charged in Walmart Dragging

    [DFW] Man Charged in Walmart Dragging
    Prosecutors call Rogelio Belmonte a career criminal, he's been in and out of jail for the past 10 years, now he's charged with capital murder in the dragging death of Sabra Leavy. (Published Monday, March 14, 2011)

    Belmonte will face between five and 99 years in prison or a life sentence for the murder of Sabra Leavy.

    Leavy was attacked in the parking lot of a Dallas Walmart off Forest Lane in March 2011.

    Warning: Disturbing Imagery: Video Shows Pickup Run Over Woman

    [DFW] Warning: Disturbing Imagery: Video Shows Pickup Run Over Woman
    Police on Friday released surveillance video of a 76-year-old woman being run over during a drive-by purse-snatching. (Published Friday, March 11, 2011)

    Surveillance video shows Belmonte in sport utility vehicle grabbing Leavy's purse strap and trying to yank it away from her while she was walking through the parking lot.

    Leavy would not let go of her purse and can be seen in the video trying to run alongside of the truck, slipping and then being dragged. She died of injuries sustained when the SUV ran over her.

    Leavy's daughter, Linda Hazouri, said she had prepared for the emotions of a criminal trial and was caught off guard by the quick plea deal.

    "I'm glad justice will be done," she said. "She didn't deserve any of this."

    Hazouri is still scheduled to testify. The sentencing phase will begin Tuesday morning. Testimony is expected to last two to three days.

    Leavy's family is also suing Walmart and the security company that was employed when Leavy was dragged to death.