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Man Enters Gas Station After Being Robbed, Shot

Officers are still sorting out the details



    (Published Friday, Oct. 26, 2012)

    Police are searching for a gunman after a man walked into a Dallas gas station with gunshot wounds Friday morning.

    Authorities received a call at about 2:30 a.m. about an active shooter on the 4600-block of Samuell Boulevard.

    Officers are still sorting out the details.

    Police tell NBC 5 that Marcus Walcott, 34, drove to the Raceway gas station on Jim Miller Road and Samuell Boulevard after an armed robber ripped a radio out of his white Cadillac. The gunman shot him twice and continued to fire shots as Walcott drove off.

    Walcott, who had a passenger in the vehicle, drove down the road to the gas station for help with two flat tires and a shattered windshield from the bullet, according to authorities.

    The car stopped at one of the gas pumps.

    An ambulance rushed the Walcott to Baylor Hospital. He is expected to survive.

    Crime scene technicians took fingerprints from the car door handle, hoping the robber touched it when he reached into the vehicle to snatch the radio.

    The gunman is still on the run.

    Police records show that Walcott has a criminal past. He was convicted of child pornography possession and sexual assault in August 1999, and convicted of possession of a controlled substance in September 2011.

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