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Mall Bans Shirt Depicting Pleasant Grove as Dangerous



    King of Prussia Mall
    Mall shoppers at Town East Mall will have to look elsewhere if they want to find the Pleasant Grove T-shirt.

    Remember the T-shirts being sold in Oak Cliff a few years ago that incited outrage from OC merchants and residents?  The shirts depicted an armed person carrying a body standing near an open trunk -- and were eventually banned from being sold.  If you've forgotten -- see an image here.

    Now, a similar shirt has been banned from being sold at Town East Mall in Mesquite -- only this time Pleasant Grove is the neighborhood under attack instead of Oak Cliff.

    Security at Town East Mall in Mesquite on Thursday confiscated the T-shirts from a kiosk after the mall banned the sale of the shirt that shows a body being dumped in the trunk of a vehicle with the words "Welcome to Pleasant Grove" underneath.

    Pleasant Grove pawnshop owner Joy Vosburg praised the mall action saying, "I don't think any city should be portrayed like that." 

    Vosburg said the T-shirt perpetuates a violent stereotype of the Pleasant Grove neighborhood and lodged her complaint after noticing the T-shirts on sale.

    The Dallas Morning News reports the unidentified kiosk owner will be allowed to recover the property later from the mall.  After which I'd look for them on eBay or Craigslist ... or in a kiosk at NorthPark mall.