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Load Meant for Lighting Up Yields Ton of Marijuana

Drug-sniffing dog found nearly 2,000 pounds of pot Wednesday

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    Baggies of marijuana. Also known as: bud, chronic, pot, weed, mary jane, reefer, dope, cannabis, herb, grass and ganja.

    A legitimate load meant for lighting up has yielded nearly a ton of marijuana at a West Texas border checkpoint.

    Customs and Border Protection officers in El Paso say $1.4 million worth of marijuana was discovered in load of candles from Mexico.

    Officers at the Bridge of the Americas say a drug-sniffing dog discovered the 1,789 pounds of marijuana on Wednesday.

    Port Director Hector Mancha said Thursday that officers unloaded the boxed candles and found a stash of bundled marijuana.

    The driver was interviewed and released as the investigation continues.