Lewisville Auto Shop Spawns Reality Show

South West Rod & Custom turns into "Tough Love Garage" for 3net

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    A North Texas business will soon be the star of its own reality show. South West Rod and Custom is an auto shop in Lewisville that will be featured on Discovery's 3D channel, 3net.

    Pete Hughes turned his passion for custom cars into a business, and he taught himself along the way.

    Tough Love Garage Newest Reality Show

    [DFW] Tough Love Garage Newest Reality Show
    South West Rod & Custom is an auto shop in Lewisville that will soon be featured in a show called Tough Love Garage on the new 3D Discovery Channel. (Published Monday, Dec. 12, 2011)

    "I learn from my own mistakes. That's what it takes in life," Hughes said.

    The auto mechanic now shares his secrets with the world. He's become a YouTube sensation, known as My Friend Pete.

    "A lot of people literally think I am talking to them," Hughes said. 

    "At first, it was fun, and then it was irritating. Now, it's just a way of life, because he pretty much films everything," Pete's wife Minnie McDonald said.

    His do-it-yourself YouTube videos have thousands of followers, and soon, even more people will get a peek at life behind his garage doors. Discovery's 3net will feature Pete, Minnie, and their gang at work in the Lewisville shop.

    "People are really going to see what it's like running a small business, trying to pay your bills, and helping people out at the same time," Hughes said. "My bills are paid, my wife is taken care of, we got a house, we got cars that run and drive, and we got food in our mouth. That's really all you need in life."

    Tough Love Garage will air in January.

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