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Landlord Rents to Fewer Homeless Men to Comply With City Rules

Denton man meets city deadline for new plan on renting to homeless



    Editor's Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Alfred Sanchez charges rent per month. Sanchez charges rent weekly. NBC 5 regrets the error.

    A Denton man has made adjustments to continue to rent to homeless people without violating city rules.

    Alfred Sanchez opened one of his rental properties to homeless men, charging them $40 per week.

    "Normally, we have six to eight occupants," he said.

    But the city said that having so many renters violated city rules that specify that only four unrelated people can live under one roof.

    Denton gave Sanchez until Tuesday to resolve the issue.

    Sanchez decided that the four men who have lived in the home the longest could stay.

    Sanchez said the other men were told to leave, and all but one found new places to stay.

    "It's a big load off," said John Porter, who lives in Sanchez's home. "You don't have to worry about what's going to happen to you day to day."

    Sanchez raised the men's rent from $40 per week to $75 per week. He said he wants to continue to help these men out, possibly opening another one of his rental houses.

    "Once you get to know them, you realize they are just like all of us -- just trying to make it in this world," Sanchez said.

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