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Lake Cities Fire Department's Future in Limbo

Firefighters are concerned about the future of the department



    (Published Thursday, June 28, 2012)

    The future of the Lake Cities Fire Department is in limbo and its fire fighters are concerned.

    The department serves the cities of Corinth, Shady Shores, Lake Dallas and Hickory Creek. Lake Dallas and Hickory Creek city leaders are discussing the formation of their own fire departments and may not renew their contracts with the Lake Cities department. 

    Lake Cities firefighters hit the streets in Lake Dallas on Thursday, passing out fliers to inform residents about the discussion taking place among city leaders

    "If that happens, you are talking 15 to 19 guys losing their jobs immediately. There are so many things running through your mind, you don't even know where to start. It's like a bombshell," said Lake Cities firefighter Clint Ferguson.

    The Lake Cities department is made up of two stations, two fire engines, two ambulances, and 36 firefighters. One of the stations is located in Corinth, and the other is in Lake Dallas. Ferguson said if Lake Dallas does not renew their contract, it would cut the department in half.

    Lake Dallas city leaders say no decision has been reached, and it all boils down to money.

    "It's just looking at economics and city budget," said Lake Dallas Mayor Tony Marino. "If this does move forward, anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 in savings with the same quality of service."

    Still, the firefighters are concerned about the outcome and are doing their best to reach out to the people they serve.

    "Financially, they could sell it as it would be cheaper. But, if you put everything that you have to have for a fire department with the kind of service that we have, there is no way they could provide the same kind of service for the same amount of money," Ferguson said. 

    Lake Dallas held a city council meeting on Thursday evening to discuss the future of the fire department with the public.