Kids Return to School After Overnight Shooting

Parents concerned about overnight shooting

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    Two men are still in the hospital after a shooting that happened at the Glenn Harmon Elementary School playground in Arlington Tuesday night.

    Wednesday, elementary school students in Arlington are back in class after two people got shot on their campus late Tuesday night.

    The shooting took place just before 11 p.m. near a playground at Glenn Harmon Elementary.  Now, the search is on for a gunman and the gun.

    Police said they searched the area around the elementary for a gun that may have been dumped after the shooting.  Officers believe the area is secure for kids.  For some parents, it’s not enough.

    “That’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re holding her hand and we’re going to walk her across the street, get her to class,” said grandfather David Williams. 

    Families Return Students to School After Overnight Shooting

    [DFW] Families Return Students to School After Overnight Shooting
    Wednesday, elementary school students in Arlington are back in class after two people got shot on their campus.

    Loved ones like Williams are holding their Harmon Elementary students a little tighter on the way to school Wednesday following the overnight shooting behind the school.

    Williams had a lesson for his 1st grade granddaughter, Leila.  “Just be careful,” Leila said.

    Police haven’t found the person who pulled the trigger or the weapon.  Parents, don’t want a child to find it first.

    “I really would hate it.  Young kid, find a gun, don’t know anything about it, it could be loaded,” said David Bookman, father.

    Police scoured the area throughout the night to make sure it was safe for students.  Officers tell NBC 5 that they returned to the neighborhood Wednesday morning to double check a nearby field one more time for a weapon.

    Mansfield Independent School District spokesman, Richie Escovedo, said Arlington police and the Mansfield ISD police gave the district the all clear to open the school.

    “I’m really shocked and amazed what’s going on,” said Bookman.

    “They canvassed the school yard.  There was nothing that was going to harm the children,” said Williams.

    Investigators said a group of people had been hanging out near the school playground and back classrooms when gunshots rang out.  Officers discovered a man on the playground who was shot twice in the head.  Another guy ran to a nearby house to call for help.  He’d been shot in his side.  Both young men, believed to be 19-20 years old, were taken to the hospital in serious condition.

    “It’s very dangerous,” said Borfirio Rodriguez, father.

    Police had hoped surveillance video from the school could help find the shooter. 

    Escovedo said there aren’t cameras in the area.  Now, investigators hope witnesses will shed light on what led up to the shooting.