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Mother Who Threw Children Off Overpass Freed

Woman free from prison with restrictions



    Khandi Busby, inset.

    The mother who threw her two children off of an overpass onto Interstate 30 was released from jail Monday.

    In 2008, Khandi Busby was charged with attempted murder and injury to a child after throwing her boys, ages 6 and 8, onto the freeway.  At the time, Busby claimed Satan and the military had been after them.

    The boys survived and were treated for their injuries before being placed in foster care, where they have been since that time.

    In 2010, a judge found Busby not guilty by reason of insanity and she was placed in a state mental hospital. She was transferred to the Dallas County Jail last June.

    While Busby has been released, she's not a totally free woman.  She must live in a boarding house and will be subject to a long list of restrictions, including having no contact with her two sons.