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Kent Brantly's Church Asks You To Pray For Africa



    (Published Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014)

    Elders at the  Southside Church of Christ in Fort Worth say Sunday’s services were unusually emotional.

    The congregation’s prayers were answered earlier in the week, with the news former church member Dr. Kent Brantly had survived his battle with the deadly Ebola virus.
    Church elder Kent Smith told NBC 5 the 9:30 a..m. service erupted into applause after the “good week” was acknowledged.
    Another congregation member led a “thanksgiving prayer”.
    “I think Kent said it in his press conference – we serve a faithful God who answers prayers,” Smith said.
    “That’s the feeling that everyone here has and is thankful God chose to answer these prayers.”
    The church’s sign, which, for weeks, has born a message of “Pray for Kent”, even “Keep Praying for Kent” after his condition improved, still stood on Sunday morning.
    However, on the reverse side of the sign, members changed the message to “Pray for West Africa”, where the Ebola crisis is still deadly.