Jurors Hear Interview in McKinney Chiropractor Sex Assault Case

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    McKinney chiropractor Dr. David Russell is charged with assaulting two adults and three children.

    The sexual assault trial of a McKinney chiropractor who is accused of assaulting several female patients, including three children, entered its second day Tuesday.

    Dr. David Russell is charged with assaulting two adults and three children.

    Jurors heard a videotaped interview Russell had with police the day before he was initially arrested in October 2011. He had voluntarily gone to the police department to speak with investigators.

    In the interview, Russell admitted that he might have accidentally brushed the vagina of his patients during groin adjustments but denied doing it intentionally.

    He also denied any sort of penetration, a key element to the most serious charge he faces, which is aggravated sexual assault of a child.

    The lead investigator in the case, who was in charge of getting all five of the arrest affidavits, spent much of the day on the stand.

    The defense spent hours during cross-examination trying to poke holes in her investigation techniques.

    Jurors also heard from the woman who initially went to police with the allegations, a former employee at Taylor Dance Center, which is owned by Russell's girlfriend.

    The witness testified that Russell was the "go-to guy" for dance injuries at the center.

    She said two of students reported on Feb. 6, 2011, that they felt odd about some of the treatments he performed.

    The former employee has since opened her own dance studio. Russell's attorneys said the allegations are part of a personal vendetta she has against Russell.

    He took over some of her conditioning classes at Taylor Dance Center and funded a massive expansion at the center, a direct competitor, they said.