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"Jihad Jane" Had North Texas Arrests

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    Fables of the Reconstruction
    Authorities allege Colleen LaRose a.k.a. "Jihad Jane" was trying to recruit jihadists over the Internet.

    An American woman accused of inciting foreign terrorism was twice arrested in Texas on misdemeanor public intoxication charges.

    An investigator with the Ferris police department in rural Texas said Wednesday that Colleen R. LaRose was arrested in February 2001 and April 2002 on charges of public intoxication. Investigator Sam Love said LaRose paid her fines in city court after both arrests.

    LaRose, who moved to suburban Philadelphia five years ago, was accused in an indictment Tuesday of trying to recruit jihadist fighters and promising to murder a Swedish cartoonist who had angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog.

    LaRose moved to North Texas as a young girl. At 16, she briefly married a Tarrant County man twice her age.

    LaRose was pulled over in both arrests in Ferris, which is about 20 miles south of Dallas, just before she moved to Pennsylvania five years ago with her boyfriend, Kurt Gorman.

    Gorman said he was shocked by the allegations against the woman he loved and lived with in Texas and Pennsylvania.

    "You never really know someone 100 percent, I guess," he said.

    He said he had no idea his former girlfriend was involved in terrorism.

    "She really wasn't that talkative about that," Gorman said. "She was more interested in playing games and watching TV."

    Gorman said he is wondering what happened to LaRose.

    "Eventually, I would like to find out some of the reasoning there, so I'll let things pan out," he said.