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Irving Woman Sexually Assaulted in Home

Stranger-on-stranger sexual assault is rare, police say



    (Published Friday, May 17, 2013)

    Irving police are investigating the sexual assault of a stay-at-home mother who was attacked by a stranger who followed her into her home Monday morning.

    Police said the woman had been watering her lawn and had gone inside to check on her child when she was attacked in her home near Rochelle and Story roads at about 9 a.m. Monday.

    "That male started assaulting her, causing her to fall back into her home, and a struggle ensued," police spokesman John Argumaniz said. "He continued to assault her and, sometime during the assault, she lost consciousness."

    Such stranger-on-stranger sexual assault is rare, Argumaniz said.

    The victim, a stay-at-home mother who has lived in her neighborhood for more than a decade, declined to be identified because she fears for her safety. She said the attacker told her, "Shut up, I'm coming back for your kids," when he left.

    Neighbors said they are shocked by the attack.

    "I got home around that time in the morning," Jonathan Culp said. "There were people pruning trees right down the street, so all I heard is chainsaws."

    "We're just more diligent about locking the doors and keeping the doors locked behind us and also got the alarms where we can set the alarm for entry into the house," Lane Ladewig said.

    Police recommend residents use social media to keep up with the latest updates.

    "Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor -- we have the ability to get that out to a lot of people who sometimes don't have ability or don't watch TV or may not have watched it that night," Argumaniz said.