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Hurst Kids Sell Lemonade for New A/C Unit

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    Ten-year-old Kaitlyn Chiles is trying to help her parents buy a new air conditioner.

    A 10-year-old girl doesn't mind breaking a sweat if it means she can cool down with a new air-conditioning unit.

    Kaitlyn Chiles and her friend, 11-year-old Kaity Tracy, are selling lemonade and fruit punch on the corner of West Bedford Road and Norwood Drive to help Kaitlyn's parents pay for a new A/C unit.

    "It broke down, so, I'm like, 'Well, since y'all don't have a lot of money, I'm going to just help out,'" Kaitlyn said. "So even if my parents say no, I'm going to help out."

    "We have a smaller one in the back but, yeah, we've been a hot house since over the weekend," said Janel Chiles, the girl's mother.

    A small glass goes for 50 cents, and a large glass sells for $1.

    Customers who stop by the booth said they are proud of the girls' entrepreneurial spirit.

    "That's a kid that's working for her money," Gilbert Dias said.

    He said he has purchased four glasses of lemonade and fruit punch for co-workers.

    "I'm a fruit punch guy, and I'm trying the fruit punch, and I'm coming back tomorrow," Dias said.

    The girls will be open for business again on Wednesday.