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Hundreds of Dead Fish Found at Turtle Creek

Low oxygen level found in creek



    Turtle Creek in Dallas.

    The hot summer weather may be to blame for the deaths of hundreds of fish in Dallas' Turtle Creek.

    About 200 dead fish were discovered at the creek between Tuesday and Thursday.

    Initially, officials were called to the 3300-block of Turtle Creek because of trash in the water.  At the time, a small number of fish were found but not enough to cause alarm.

    Officials were called back out Thursday and observed approximately 200 dead fish.

    It's believed that high temperatures and limited water flow killed the fish.  The finding has been reported to the Texas Center for Environmental Quality and  Texas Parks and Wildlife.

    At this point, conditions in Turtle Creek are normal, with the exception of a very low level of dissolved oxygen. Conditions will be monitored over the next few days by stormwater management.