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Homeowner Gets 20 Years for Fatal Shooting of Perceived Burglar

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    Eric Page

    A Central Texas homeowner has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the 2012 fatal shooting of an intoxicated man who ran to his house after a car accident.

    A judge in Georgetown on Wednesday sentenced 49-year-old Fred Yazdi. Jurors in October convicted Yazdi of murder.

    The case involves the February 2012 shooting death of 23-year-old Enrique Recio. Lawyers for Yazdi say he thought Recio was a burglar.

    Attorneys say Recio's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit for driving and he allegedly was fleeing to avoid being arrested on a DWI charge. Yazdi shot Recio three times.

    Judge Bert Richardson told Yazdi that he could have stayed in his house, fired just a warning shot and waited for police who were on their way.