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Handcuffed Escapee Does Not Remember How He Escaped Patrol Car



    A handcuffed suspect who escaped from the backseat of a moving Dallas police squad car Monday told NBC DFW he cannot explain how he managed to do it. (Published Thursday, April 10, 2014)

    A handcuffed man who escaped from the back seat of a moving Dallas police car Monday told NBC 5 he cannot explain how he managed to do it.

    Jarrad Jackson, 32, spoke to NBC 5 from the Lew Sterrett Justice Center Thursday where he was being held on multiple charges.

    "I asked the female officer to roll down the window in the back," Jackson said, describing what he claims he can remember about the escape. "I'm handcuffed, it feels like it's getting closed in so I asked her to roll down the window. I stick my head out and all I remember is my whole body going out."

    Exactly what contributed to Jackson's escape is the subject of a Dallas Police Department internal investigation, according to a department spokesperson.

    Jackson blamed drugs for his inability to recount how he escaped.

    "I really don't remember what happened. This is a case of me smoking marijuana; bad marijuana," Jackson said.

    According to Jackson, he smoked marijuana with a friend on Monday afternoon. He believes the marijuana was laced with a substance he said he could still feel in his system Thursday.

    "I really need to know what was in that marijuana. I need to find out," said Jackson, visibly upset about the charges against him and the effect the drug had on him.

    Dallas police initially arrested Jackson Monday afternoon after he reportedly broke into a neighbor's home in the 2300 block of San Paula Avenue. Jackson said he thinks that, at the time, he may have thought he was going into his own home, but was confused because of the drugs.

    He was taken by ambulance to Parkland Memorial Hospital for stitches on his hand after he was arrested, Jackson said. It was once he arrived at the hospital's emergency department that he became lucid enough to realize where he was and what was going on, according to Jackson.

    Once the arresting officer explained what had happened, Jackson said he became even more confused.

    "For someone to blackout and to not remember waking up from that blackout in the hospital, in Parkland, that's scary," Jackson said.

    The escape from the back of the squad car happened near Swiss Avenue and North Hawkins Street around 8 p.m. Monday, east of downtown Dallas in the Deep Ellum area.

    Bicycle officers and ground units spent about 45 minutes searching for Jackson, who was said to be in a bloodied T-shirt.

    A K-9 unit helped narrow the search to some nearby residences.

    Jackson was found hiding between two parked cars in the parking lot of residences in the 2700 block of Live Oak.

    From jail Thursday, Jackson said all he could specifically remember about his escape was asking the officer for some fresh air because he was feeling claustrophobic and her rolling the window down.

    "But I'm somehow, some way, finding myself [able] to get out of that car, moving, handcuffed? That's crazy," Jackson said.

    During the interview, Jackson apologized for the burglary, emphasizing that he would never in his right mind do such a thing.