Half of Frisco's Burglaries Thanks to Unlocked Doors

Police encourage residents to lock doors, hide valuables in cars

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    Roughly half of the burglaries in Frisco in 2010 didn't involve a "forced entry" -- meaning the victims left their doors unlocked.

    Burglars didn't have to break as much glass, just turn door handles to see if they're unlocked.

    Frisco Car Burglars Don't Even Have to Break In

    [DFW] Frisco Car Burglars Don't Even Have to Break In
    About half of the burglaries in Frisco last year involved an open door. (Published Wednesday, June 1, 2011)

    "The thieves aren't getting any smarter, they're getting lazier," Sgt. Adam Henderson said. "But us leaving doors unlocked, leaving garages open -- we're making it easier."

    While walking through the parking lot of a popular Frisco gym, Henderson found five purses in plain sight -- after checking only about a dozen cars.

    Henderson pointed out tools, jewelry, purses, phones, clothes and GPS devices in plain sight. Some cars even had unlocked doors.

    He said people should close their garage doors and lock their car doors. Most importantly, they should hide valuables from plain sight.